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Details action for Orchestrations

From Monitor Views where you are granted access and where BizTalk Orchestrations are included and Remote Actions are allowed You can use the Nodinite Web Client to view Details for the selected BizTalk Orchestration.

From the Details modal you have quick access using the following tabs to key information about the selected Orchestration.


To view the details for a BizTalk Orchestrations, press the Action button menu item on an Orchestration in the Monitor View:

Action button menu with details option


In the Details tab, you can find information about the Orchestration.

You can also manage the State of the Orchestration by clicking on any of the enabled buttons (state aware):


State aware actions for Orchestrations


MiscellaneousDetails Miscellaneous details for the selected Orchestration

Orchestration filter

Orchestrations subscribe according to configured filter. This information is detailed as exemplified below (if there is a filter available):
Filter for the selected Orchestration


Depending on the type of Orchestration, different information element and options are available:

  • One-Way Orchestrations
  • Solicit Response Orchestrations

You can change tracking settings by checking/unchecking the checkboxes.

Do not forget to click on the Save button to persist changes

One-Way Orchestrations

Both Static and Dynamic Orchestrations can be managed.
Options for One-Way Orchestration

Solicit Response Orchestrations

Both Static and Dynamic Orchestrations can be managed.
Options for Solicit-Response Orchestration

Host/Host Instances

This tab presents information about the Host/Host instances on current Orchestration Handler. This is the very same information presented for Host Instances, read more in the Host Instance Details user guide.

Details for Orchestration handler associated with the current adapter used on selected Orchestration

Orchestration view

The implementation of the Orchestration is displayed as an image in the 'Orchestration view' tab. Orchestration as image

This function is only available if you install the BizTalk Monitoring Agent on any of the processing BizTalk nodes (needs to load the orchestration assembly)

Frequently asked questions

Additional solutions to common problems and the FAQ for the Nodinite BizTalk Monitoring Agent exists in the Troubleshooting user guide.

Why is the Orchestration Image not displayed

The Nodinite BizTalk Monitoring Agent loads this information from the .NET Assembly and therefor must be installed on any of the BizTalk Server processing nodes.

There might also be deployment related problems with your Orchestrations, please make sure there are no problems and errors reported using the Health Check - Assembly verifier feature.

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