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Troubleshooting the BizTalk Server Monitoring Agent

If you have any issues that can't be resolved, contact our Support or send us an email to support@nodinite.com

Frequently asked questions

Cannot start the agent

The problem for the Nodinite BizTalk Server Monitoring agent to start may simply be due to the fact that it is a Windows service and has some security and run-time related dependencies that are not met. Your problem may stem from one or more of the following common configuration errors:

  • Insufficient rights to run as a Windows Service, solution found in the following article: How to set Logon as a Service right
  • Shared port error, solution found in the following article: Shared Port 8000
  • Prerequisites are not met, further detailed in the Prerequisites page
  • Database update - After an update from time to time we add and/or modify the the Monitoring Database and hence the agent will not start due to dependencies on later version of the existing database.

Update Monitoring Database
Example of database update

Missing Resources

  • The agent can be configured to use Filters to remove All resources from BizTalk Applications depending on your filter. Please review and/or remove the filter and change

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Where do I install the agent?

Your Nodinite environment can be installed on existing hardware on-premise, on Azure Virtual machines or hosted in the cloud by your sourcing partner. Hybrid scenarios are also supported.

How do I uninstall the BizTalk Server Monitoring Agent

  • Make sure the Agent is stopped before running the MSI package, further detailed in the uninstallation user guide
  • You must be a local administrator to remove Windows Services

How do I get the latest version?

Download from the Nodinite portal

How do I know when there's a new version available?

Please subscribe to updates using our Support portal

How do I know where the agent is installed and running

Review the Nodinite Overview and/or the Monitor Agent Run-time Information section.