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Unenlist action for Orchestrations

Find out how You can use the Web based Administration console (Web Client) of Nodinite to Unenlist BizTalk Server Orchestrations.

From Monitor Views where you are granted access and where BizTalk Orchestrations are included and Remote Actions are allowed You can use the Nodinite Web Client to Unenlist selected BizTalk Server Orchestration. To Unenlist the Orchestration, press the Action button menu item:

An Unenlisted Orchestration can be Enlisted/Stopped or Started. There is no need to use the BizTalk Server Administration Console (MMC) to perform this administrative task.

Unenlisted orchestration potentially loose job to be performed since it is not actively subscribing hence not processing any messages

How do I Unenlist an Orchestration?

To Unenlist Orchestrations, the following options are available with Nodinite

  • Use the Action button menu item Unenlist (as described on this page)
  • Use the Unenlist button available from within the Details modal
  • Use the Auto healing feature - use with care!

To Unenlist a BizTalk Server Orchestration, press the Action button menu item on the selected row and select Unenlist:

Unenlist Orchestration button menu item

The user will then be prompted with a question to continue the Unenlist operation:
Confirmation dialogue when unenlisting an Orchestration

Then the result of the operation will be displayed for the user:
Example of successful enlist operation

An unenlisted orchestrations is only "Bound" e.g. configured with bindings and host handler

If Unenlisted, the BizTalk Server Orchestration will be evaluated as being in the Error state:

Auto Healing

It is possible to have Nodinite issue the Unenlist, Start, Stop or Enlist command automatically for you, and this topic is further detailed in the Auto Healing user guide. This feature can be utilized to keep selected BizTalk Server Orchestrations in the intended run-time state.

TIP: Using Auto Healing keeps your BizTalk environment in the intended state

Frequently asked questions

Additional solutions to common problems and the FAQ for the Nodinite BizTalk Monitoring Agent exists in the Troubleshooting user guide.

Why can't I Unenlist my Orchestration?

  • The Orchestration must be in any of the following states:
    • Enlisted
    • Started

Next Step

Start - Start processing messages (also enlists the Orchestration)
Enlist - Start subscribing for messages to process when started

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