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Host Instance category

The Nodinite BizTalk Server Monitoring Agent monitors BizTalk host instances on all servers part of the BizTalk group. New (and/or removed) Hosts and host instances are automatically detected and managed by the monitoring agent.

  • Host instances in BizTalk are listed in Nodinite as resources where the name is its Host name and configured server name, for example 'SendHost32@SEBTPRD01'
  • Host instances does not belong to any Application at all since these are shared across many BizTalk Server applications
  • Host instances are grouped by the following Category Host Instance

Example of a Monitor View filtered by the 'Host Instance' category. Do note that there is no specific Application associated with the Resource

What are the key features for Monitoring BizTalk Server Host instances?

  • Cluster support - Verifies that your hosts are properly setup for a clustered environment
  • Verify Tracking Host configuration - Alerts if there is not at least one dedicated Tracking host
  • Host instances exists for host - Alerts if not all host instances are created on each BizTalk Server node
  • Running host instances - Alerts if a host instances is stopped (and not configured as disabled and/or part of a cluster configuration)
  • Remote Actions - Support the execution of remote actions
  • State Evaluation - Monitors and evaluates the run-time state
  • Metrics - There is a Widget with information about the BizTalk group available that can be used on the Dashboard

What is evaluated for BizTalk host instances?

The different evaluated states for any host instance are provided in the table below:

State Status Description Actions
Unavailable Resource not available Evaluation of the 'BizTalk Host Instances' is not possible either due to network or security-related problems Review prerequisites
Error Stopped and not disabled A Stopped host instance renders as state 'Error' (if not configured as disabled and/or part of a Windows fail-over cluster resource group) Start
Error Invalid tracking host configuration There must be at least one host/host instance configured for Host Tracking per node in the BizTalk group Details
A BizTalk administrator must manually create dedicated tracking hosts to resolve this matter
Warning Is throttling Throttling is above configured thresholds. This behaviour is built-in by BizTalk Server design, but may be an indication of exhausted resources, make sure to verify overall performance Throttling Metrics
OK Enabled and running Host instance is operational and no other problems were detected Stop

TIP: The evaluated state may be reconfigured using the Expected State functionality that exists on every Resource within Nodinite.

What Remote Actions are available for BizTalk Server?

Actions on resources can be called upon using the Nodinite Web Client tool or by programmatically calling the Web API.To execute remote actions some Prerequisites must be satisfied. The user must be logged on to Nodinite using a Windows Credential. The user must also be assigned a Monitor Views with BizTalk Resources where Remote Actions are allowed. See Add or manage Monitor View for more details.

Remote Actions
List of available actions from the Action button menu for a BizTalk host instance

What Metrics/Statistics are available for BizTalk server?

Host Instance Throttling

Individual and group (all instances combined) Throttling Metrics can be viewed using the Metrics graphs either as an Remote Action or for use on the Dashboard as a Widget.



The BizTalk Monitoring Agent has support to filter unwanted resources, see the Configuration page for additional details.

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