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What is a Role?

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Roles are created by an Administrator within Nodinite and are being used to enforce different security policies working with Nodinite.

The options change access rights and available options for various features within Nodinite like Monitor Views and Log Views and wether more advanced options like view message payload, repair or restart operations are allowed or not.

What a specific business user can do is primarily set for the Role. With Nodinite 5.1 additional settings that impact what Users/Users can do or not. Further Windows AD Groups can do is further fine-tuned within Monitor Views and Log Views based on the new inherited rights feature with options.

For example, you can allow members of the Economy role to have custom defined access on individual Log Views.

Example Role Based
Example of the Economy role and options for Log Views

Policy based authorization

There is a special role named Administrators. This role cannot be renamed or deleted. See Access Management for additional details.

Quick facts

  • Members of the Administrators role is a Nodinite Administrator.
  • Any number of application Roles can be defined.
  • You must be member of the Administrators role to manage Roles (and all other administrative parts/objects).

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