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What is a Log View?

Get started now: How to Add or Manage Log View user guide

A Nodinite Log View provides the business users self-service access to selected data. Data logs to Nodinite either using one of the Nodinite Log Agents or the Nodinite Asynchronous Logging pattern. If the user downloads, and/or take a peek look at the payload, the user operation is log audited.

The Nodinite Administrator creates Log Views for selected Roles. Let's look at a good example of usage where we provide the business user the power to find orders by OrderId.
Orders by OrderId

First, the authenticated user selects a Log View then specifies the following scoping properties:

  1. Enter the start and end date (quick select options exists and also a pre-defined Time Interval Configuration can be applied)
  2. Enter the OrderId Search Field (Different mathematical operators exists depending on the data type)
  3. Search for the Log Events

The result is displayed in a paged list. There is a plethora of options to visualize the content; For example, you can re-order the columns using a Display Field Configuration.



# Topic
What is the origin of logged events?
What data is available to the end-user?

What is the origin of logged events?

The Nodinite logging and archiving was initially designed and built to replace BAM in BizTalk. Today, Nodinite is a very feature rich product and supports a vast array of system integrations platforms. The ones with built-in tracking like BizTalk Server and IBM Integration Bus has plug and play Log Agents. Other platforms and custom built logging is achieved using the Asynchronous Logging pattern. The latter does not yield vendor lock-in and is a well defined part of your logging strategy.

graph LR subgraph "Integration platforms" roB(fal:fa-atom Boomi) roA(fal:fa-clouds Azure
Logic Apps
API Management Services) roBT(fal:fa-sitemap BizTalk Server) roOther(+ WSO2, Mulesoft, ApacheCamel,
IBM IIB, Ghostnodes, WCF, ... ) end subgraph "Nodinite" roLogAPI(fal:fa-cloud-download Log API) roLA(fal:fa-archive Log Agents) end roBT ----> roLA roB ---->roLogAPI roA ----> roLA roA ----> roLogAPI

What data is available to the end-user?

As the Nodinite Administrator, you can set filter rules on what data to display in the Log Views. Further, the payloads may be transformed using either XSLT or Liquid using the Nodinite feature Stylesheets.

What Integration does the logged message belong to?

A Nodinite Log Event can be tied to a Service, which in turn belong to a System. An Integration is defined as a set of linked Services. This connection can be set either manual, or be set as part of your logging strategy, review the Repository Binding for the details.

How do I enable Non-Events monitoring based on Log Views?

Manage Log Views

A Nodinite Administrator can manage a Log View by:

Review the Log Views - Overview user guide for a the list of manageable Log Views.