Last updated: 2019-03-23

Asynchronous logging with Nodinite

Enables reliable messaging using asynchronous message logging pattern and avoid overloading the system

Your mission when built in tracking does not exist in your message broker/solution using any of the Nodinite Logging Agents is to produce a json formatted log event and place it on a highly available target.

The Nodinite Pickup LogEvents Service Logging Agent when available then fetches your LogEvents asynchronously which means you will get less code, reliable logging and avoid overloading Nodinite in your custom built solutions.

graph LR subgraph App Server roLogSink("fal:fa-bolt Custom Logging Solution") --> roId1["fal:fa-list Queue
fal:fa-folder Folder
..."] end subgraph Nodinite Server roLogAPI(fal:fa-cloud-download LogAPI) roPS(fal:fa-truck-pickup Pickup Service)--> roLogAPI roId1 -. Async.-x roPS end

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