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Track, Archive and find Log Events and Data from all your Microsoft Logic Apps

The Azure Logic Apps Logging and Monitoring agent extracts logged incoming and outgoing events (payload and context properties), for all your Actions within all your Logic Apps. Nodinite creates a RunId property on each run making it easy for you to correlate and view events from runs. With Nodinite using Search Fields extract search field values from either the Context and/or the payload. Your business can, therefore, find business transactions using self-service enabled Log Views without asking you or your other IT related resources.

Any number of Azure Subscriptions can be used simultaneously. Each subscription is distinguished by setting a unique Log Agent Monitoring Agent Configuration id. Users gain access to logged data using restricted Log Views.

Nodinite will automatically start to log new Logic Apps (given that the logging feature is enabled)

Log Features

Nodinite Azure agents make use of the Azure Rest API and offer you a long term archiving solution for your Logic Apps. Your Azure subscriptions come with a limitation for how long tracked events are stored. With Nodinite you have fine-grained control over how long time data will be available for your business. Store as much data as you like, for as long as you like.

  • No coding required(!)
  • Correlation for individual runs - Without custom coding(!)
  • Successful/Failed runs - The Log Status Code is used to indicate the outcome of the run
  • Non-Events - Get alerts for traffic patterns that do not meet your thresholds. Use logged data together with Log Views and Non Events Agent to create virtually any non-event check imaginable
  • Shorter retention /Lower costs - Nodinite has low-cost long term storage
  • Enable and Disable Logging
  • Safe to stop - The agent keeps track for each Logic App when the last logged event was downloaded and will automatically resume operations
    • Allow upgrading the agent at any time
    • Allows Internet Access to be unavailable
    • You are free to do whatever you want with your Logic Apps at any time
  • Action Events
    • In - All your inbound events are logged
    • Out - All your outbound events are logged
  • Tracked Properties - All your custom coded Tracked Properties are logged.

TIP: Code your Tracked Properties using Nodinite Context Options for an even better experience for you and your business

Using Nodinite Log Views you can now easily without end-user having access to your Azure Portal dig-in to logged data.

  • Run history (Correlation is easy with the RunId that you simply use as a Group By option)
  • Messages (payload)
  • Find your failed runs easily using the Log Status Code as a Search Field (built-in) FailedAction
  • Tracked properties
    • Visible within Nodinite as Context Properties TrackedProperties

Frequently asked questions

Common problems and FAQ for the Logic Apps Logging and Monitoring agent can be found in the troubleshooting page

How do I get started?

Follow the Prerequisites user guide.

How do I access the Logged data?

Access to logged data for Users is provided by the use of Log Views with Role-based security .

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