Last updated: 2019-02-16

Web Service Monitoring Agent for Nodinite

Think SOAP UI and WCF Storm but automated, this is what you get here!

Monitor your Web Applications, Web Services and APIs with ease. Nodinite Monitoring Agent for Web services automates your tests and ensures the quality and online presence of your distributed Web services and Web Applications.

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With the Nodinite Web Services Monitoring Agent you can Monitor and Manage any number of Web Services and Web Applications, wherever they are:

Get the insights Secure Always online
Built-in Metrics provides you with information about performance Keep your certificates valid and get alerted before they are expired or gets revoked Monitoring is both technical and functional and Nodinite helps you keep your APIs online

What can I do with the Nodinite Web Services Monitoring Agent?

Monitor all your Web Services regardless of number

You will only need 1 license and 1 instance of the Web Services Monitoring agent for all your Web Services and Web Applications.

Learn from mistakes

Nodinite makes statistics available directly with the Web Services Monitoring Agent as well as through the Web API that can be further used with custom Power BI Reports. Learn and visualize or just get the KPIs of interest.

Make your organization aware of the problem

When Nodinite detects a problem with your Web Services, Web Applications and hosted artifacts like certificates and an alert can be distributed using any of the built in Alarm plugins to get you or the responsible organization aware and involved.

Delegate control and fix problems with ease

With Nodinite you can view and potentially fix many of your Web Service related problems from an application perspective. Simply delegate control using role based security and Managing Web Services from the Web Client.

Stay secure

Nodinite has Role based security and enables you to restrict access down to individual Web Services using Monitor Views. We at Nodinite think it is wise to limit the number of IIS Administrators from having direct access to Web Services and logs (think about content, whats on those logs anyway?). All operations in Nodinite are being audited.

How do I know how many Web Service I have?

Nodinite has a smart way to group your resources and either looking directly in the Web Client or you can customize and automate this further through the Web API and that data can be used within your Power BI Reports.

Frequently asked questions

Common problems and FAQ for the Web Services Monitoring Agent can be found in the troubleshooting page.

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