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Windows Server Monitoring Agent

Use this agent to monitor Windows Servers used for system integration solutions!

This agent allows you to easily monitor, measure and resolve problems by performing appropriate Remote Actions for many common Windows features. Additionally this agent can monitor Any device/server that can be pinged.

graph LR subgraph "Nodinite Instance" roNI(fal:fa-heart-rate Windows Server Monitoring agent) end subgraph "Windows Servers" roWS(fab:fa-windows Windows Server) roNI --- roWS end subgraph "Pingable device/server" roDevice(fal:fa-router Device) roNI -.- |Ping| roDevice end

Use this agent with Nodinite to get:

  • Alerts from problems that occur with many common Windows features and services (for example Disk and Scheduled Tasks)
    • Fine-tune as different resources can be monitored on different servers with different settings
  • Monitoring of Any number of Windows Servers using on-premise or elsewhere like in the cloud/off-site
    • Multiple agents can be deployed on multiple servers for scalability, security and performance
  • Metrics support
  • Remote Actions

Metrics example as seen in a custom defined Dashboard


This agent is very rich in feature and is constantly being further developed. The table presented next provides an overview of currently implemented features:

Any Windows Server, anywhere!
Hardware Service/Feature Actions Metrics
Windows Services
Scheduled Tasks
Event Log

All these features are grouped within Nodinite as appropriate Categories and the Configuration is divided in to corresponding tabs :

Tabbed Configuration example for provided features


By using the built-in feature of Nodinite namely Remote Actions, many of your Windows Server related problems can quickly, easily and even automatically be resolved. All Actions can be performed from the Web Client without using MMC/RDP over flaky or unavailable VPN connections.

Using Roles based Monitor Views in the Nodinite Web Client, Remote Actions can be sent to the Monitoring Agent for Windows Server requesting appropriate corrective operations to be performed on the monitored resources. With the existing privilege model you can allow certain users to perform operations (Actions) on selected resources (even without being a local administrator).

List of Actions on the Resources of Windows Server Categories:

Category Actions
Disk [Edit][DiskEdit]
CPU [Edit][CPUEdit]
Memory [Edit][MemoryEdit]
Network [Edit][NetworkEdit]
Windows Services [Start][ServiceStart]
[Change Startup type][]
Scheduled Tasks [Enable][TaskEnable]
Event Log [List events][ListEvents]
Ping [Edit][PingEdit]
IIS IIS Performance Counters
IIS - Web Sites List Applications
IIS - Application Pools Start


Resource consumption/usage (CPU, memory, disk, ping and network) can be displayed on the Dashboard as a Widget using the built-in graphs. Select between data for the past 15 minutes, past hour, past day or past week.

Supported Versions

  • All Windows Versions and editions beginning from Windows Server 2008 R2 and later

See Prerequisites for Windows Server Monitoring Agent for additional details installing and running the agent.

Release Log

For detailed information about features and bug fixes, please review the Release Log

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