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Repository Model and Log artifacts can easily be exported and imported between different instances of Nodinite.

  • Export operation can be performed:
    • Directly - uses the [WebAPI][] between instances (if configured and access on LAN/WAN between instances are allowed)
    • File - for environments where there is no allowed communication)

In order to perform the Import Export Actions either click on the Import/Export button in the Administration overview or select Export from the Actions button where applicable.
Access to Import/Export from Administration menu

Example access to Export from Action button

The following general steps are required to copy content from one instance of Nodinite to another:

    1. Export ->
    • 1a. Select items to export
    • 1a. File - Use file When you do not have direct access to target environment
    • 1b. Instance - Upload step not required
    1. Upload (only required when using files)
    1. Import
    • 3a. Select Items to Import and resolve detected conflicts if any

Security/User rights

You must be member of the Administrators Role in both Monitoring Agent Configuration and target environment.

The Actions from above steps are accessible from the Import / Export menu: ImportExportMenu

1. Export

  • 1.Depending on your starting choice the number of items to select will be different. ExportItems

    1. Select one or more items for Export. All related child-items can be included for export by checking the corresponding checkbox. ExportProgressBar

When any parent-item is selected, all related child items are also selected.

    1. Select Transfer method
    • File - Use when you do not have direct access to the target environment on network (opens a pop-up window, that might be blocked depending on the browser settings. allow browser pop-ups)
    • Upload to External Instance


  1. If you select to perform a file based Export an Export file in JSON format will be downloaded in your browser. Copy/Move this file to target environment and proceed with the upload step.

  2. Finish Click the Close button to exit the Export-dialog. Close

2. Upload

Exported configurations must be uploaded into the target environment before an Import can be performed. This uploads may originate from direct transfers during Export operations (API -> API) or from File. UploadFile

Using the Web Client Administration On the target environment the Export-file can be uploaded.

After selecting a file for upload, press the Upload button to upload the file. UploadButton

A successful upload operation will continue the dialog using the Import Wizard.

3. Import

The uploads from either file or instance are listed in the Imports tab.


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