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Log Audit Search - Find out who did what when

The 'Log Audit Search Modal' is accessible from the Administration menu and from here; a user part of the predefined Nodinite Administrators Role can find out who did what and when.

Log Audit Search is a function intended to make it easy for your administrators to search and find specific operations performed by Nodinite Core Services and end Users.


How do I find out who did what and when?

As an Administrator you can perform searches using any of the following filters:

  • Date: Specify the time threshold for your search
  • Operation: Search for keywords or sentences in Log audits operations
  • Users: Search for a specific users linked to the logs. (Note: users from AD-windows groups is not accessible)
  • Level: Search for a specific type of errors e.g Information, error, warnings, critical

LogAuditSearch.png Log Audit Search Button in the Administration Main menu

Click on the Search button to get the result for current search options: LogAuditSearch.png

Many operations involve multiple steps that may be part of a distributed transaction and span multiple operations. Click on the Action button and select 'show related' to get all correlated logs. Show related menu item

Then the related operaitons will be loaded into a modal as examplified below: Correlated events

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