Last updated: 2019-03-02

Add or manage Log Status Codes

In this section you will learn how to add and manage a Log Status Code. A Log Event may have a Log Status Code that is used to indicate the evaluated state for that particular logged event. When these [Log Events][] are displayed in Log Views the individual rows will be colored according to their Log Status Code.

A user may also have the ability to search, Group and filter according to selected Log Status Codes:
Search by Log Status Code
Example Log View where the User searched by Log Status Code

Add or manage Log Status Codes

Since a Log Status Code can mean different things depending on for example integration broker (BizTalk, IBM Integration Bus, Mule, ...) the Log Status code is defined per Log Agent.
Edit Log Status Code for Log Agent
Click on the Edit button to manage Log Status Codes for selected Log Agent

In the Edit dialog you can manage the collection of Log Status Code.
Add Log Status Code

The following properties can be set:

Mandatory Property Description
Status Type Select one of the predefined values
Log Status The number logged in the Log Event either by custom code or by any of the Log Agents]
Description A user friendly description to display for this Log Status Code
Web Site Provides a link for external documentation

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