Add or manage Search Field

In this section you will learn how to manually add or manage a Search Field.

Add a new Search Field or Edit an existing from the list in the overview. A Search Field can host any number of Search Field Expressions.

Mandatory Fields

  • A Name is required to create and name the Search Field.

  • A Data Type is required in order to provide the proper relational operators when working with the Log Views.

The Data Types are driven by a database configuration and additional data types may be added. The following data types comes out of the box with Nodinite

  • Text
  • Integer
  • Long Integer
  • Real number with 2 decimals

Data Type

Optional Fields

Adding a Description, Search Field Links and Web Site is optional.

By clicking Edit a modal dialogue is shown where one can configure Search Field links. These links can be used to make the result from the search field expression to show as a link and when clicked opens a new tab with the specified URL. Search Field Links Modal

The following can be configured for a Search Field Link:

  • Enabled - Whether the Link should be enabled making search field results as a link or not. This is useful if one temporary want to disable the link without deleting it
  • Name - The name of the link ex. OrderId, City.
  • URL - The URL where to browse when the link is clicked (which opens a new tab in the web browser)
  • Description - A suitable description that is shown when hovering the mouse pointer over the link

URL can contain an optional parameter '' ex. The value will be replaces by the Search Field Expression value. Ex. Delivery address City. By filling in a test value and clicking the link symbol at the right side of the URL-field one can test how the link is opened in a new tab in the browser.


Manage Search Field expressions

You can Edit the Search Field Expressions for the Search Field. There can be any number of Search Field Expressions assigned on a Search Field.
Configured Search Field expressions

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