Events comes from Log Agents. Events can have a message body attached. Every message body is distinguished and known by its MessageType. Messages are stored obfuscated and compressed in the Log databases. An Event can also hold context data, this data is stored in a KeyValue Collection. Since Context data can be sensitive as well as the message body, Nodinite stores this data obfuscated and compressed in the Log databases. Data from message body and Context values can be extracted using Search Fields. All logged events stem from a well known EndPoint.

Log Views

Using the information for a logged event an Administrator can create Log Views that gives end users, customers, and the business access and insights to this data.

How to add or manage a Log View

Here's an example of a Log View in Nodinite


Customize Log Views using your own set of selected columns

Log Views can be individually configured to render the result with all information elements available within Nodinite using a pre-defined set of columns. This functionality is provided by the use of Display Field Configurations

TIP: Create user friendly log views to provide self service for your organization, releasing time from the IT-department/operations

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How to add or manage a Log View
Add or manage Display Field Configurations

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