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Resend Message


To resend a message may be useful when the message is fine but the receiver was faulty but is now fixed.

However, if you want to edit the message, it needs to be repaired.

Supported transportation

  • File (local and on network paths)
  • ActiveMQ
  • MSMQ

Allow resend of messages

First, make sure "Allow resend of messages" is checked in the edit view.

More information is available in Add or manage Log View.

Allow resend of messages


Resend Message

Resend a Message can be reached from several places

Search Result - Single event

Resend from Search Result

Search Result - Multiple using With Selected

With Selected

Event Details

Resend from Event Details


Resend Modal
After the message is supposed to have been resent, a dialog box will confirm if the message were resent or if an error occurred.





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