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Search Fields In Log View

The first step is to Search a Log View.

Search Fields uses Mathematical Operators and characters to filter the results of a Log View.


Log View with results

Here's a Log View without the use of Search Fields:

Search Log

Mathematical Operator

Run Correlation Id Search Field without a value.


Run Correlation Id Search Field with abc as value and Like as Operator.

This means that all events with abc somewhere in the Correlation Id within the chosen Time Range.


Results after Mathematical Operator

The platform shows the events within the search.

Search Result

Matching Id

Run Correlation iD

Group by Search Field

To group messages by Search Field, you first need to make sure that the Search Field is connected to the Log View.

Check: Available Search Fields and Add or manage Log View.


Select the Search Field you want to group by.


Run Correlation Id

Tip: You can group and limit the search by characters at the same time

Hit Search.



Example of search result divided into three groups based on Run Correlation Id.


Click Action to view Log Message Details.

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