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Log Views Overview

In the Web Client Log Views provide a way for Users to gain access to events, message payload and context. The list of Log Views granted to a User by being part of one or more Roles can be displayed by clicking on the Logs menu item.

The name and optional Description of the Log View is listed:

List of Log Views to manage

You can also Filter and Sort to find the right one more easily. There are also Actions available for Administrators to edit, delete and clone the selected Log View.

Click on one of the Log Views to start your search, please read more here

Filter the result

You can filter the list of Log Views by typing characters part of either the Name or Description.



Sort the Log Views by Name or Description by clicking the words.

The list is by default sorted from A-Z.


Edit, Delete or Duplicate

You'll find the options to show, edit and delete a Log View under Action.


Edit, Action and Clone

Editing the Log View will take you to the editing page which is the same as the Add or manage Log View page.

Show deleted

Delete will not delete the Log View but instead flag it as deleted.

When Show Deleted is activated, all the "deleted" Log Views will be shown.

Show Deleted


Duplicate will make a new copy based on the existing Log View selected.

This feature is useful when you want to make a similar Log View without having to redo all of the settings.

Give the cloned Log View a name and you'll get to the editing page to modify the settings.
Clone Name

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