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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Monitoring Agent

Plug and play! You do not need to change anything in your CRM workflows/processes. This agent currently monitors the CRM part of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Monitor your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online environments with the Nodinite Microsoft Dynamics 365 Monitoring Agent for Nodinite and get alerts when there is a problem. Solve problem(s) secure and remotely using remote actions.

The monitoring agent for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online has many features to help you detect and solve real and potential problems.

The License inventory and monitoring features may even save some money for your organization!

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  • Monitoring Dynamics 365 - Make sure your workflows and processes runs as expected. Monitoring could not be easier and no changes are required to the existing solutions
  • Managing Dynamics 365 - Fix problems, delegate access and control to responsible users without the Dynamics 365 Portal

Share and delegate Save time Save money
Easily provide self service access for your business and other stakeholders Responsible users can swiftly manage and resolve problems thereby saving downtime Just 1 Nodinite license is required regardless of the number Dynamics 365 instances

What can I do with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Monitoring Agent?

List of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online resources that can be monitored by using this agent

  • Users currently logged on to CRM
    • With Action “View history” (Note: the history is limited by Dynamics 365 online settings)
  • License consumption with alerting option
  • Running/Failed workflows with alerting option
  • Running/Failed Processing Steps with alerting option


Fix your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online related problems with ease from a distance without the Azure Portal / Dynamics 365 Online site.

Using the Web Client for Nodinite, Actions can be sent to the Monitoring Agent for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online Monitoring Agent requesting operations to be performed on the monitored resources. With the existing privilege model you can allow certain users to perform operation on selected resources.

List of actions that can be executed from remote locations using this agent:

  • View User logon history
    • Export to CSV
  • View detailed information about license Usage
  • View detailed information about space/disk Usage
  • View details for the selected workflow
  • View details for the selected processing step
  • Change alert options for workflows (execution duration)

Supported Versions

  • Dynamics 365 Online


To monitor a Dynamics 365 Online agent must be installed on a Windows server, see prerequisites for more information.

Release Log

For detailed information about the features and bug fixes, please see the Release Log

Next Step

Configuration of the agent

Prerequisites for Dynamics 365 Online Monitoring Agent