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Health Check related operations for Microsoft BizTalk Server

The Nodinite BizTalk Server Monitoring Agent provides and performs Health Check related operations of your Microsoft BizTalk Server environment to help you excel in your support and maintenance service

  • BizTalk Server Health Check related features are listed within Nodinite as resources with Category Health Check
  • Nodinite has the same notion of an Application where there is a 1:1 mapping with its BizTalk Application

Example of a Monitor View filtered by the 'Health Check' category

All User operations within Nodinite are Log Audited which helps you with your security policies and corporate governance compliance policies

What are the key features the BizTalk Server Health Check category ?

  • Remote Actions - Support the execution of remote actions
  • State Evaluation - Monitors and evaluates the run-time state
  • Statistics and metrics

What is evaluated for the BizTalk Server Health Check category?

The following features for the 'Health Check' related Resources are currently implemented (this lists grows over time as we develop new cool features to help you excel with your support and maintenance service for BizTalk Server)

Resource Name Monitoring Actions Metrics/Statistics
BizTalk Configuration Overview - Details -
Messages with negative ref count Details -
Messages without ref count Details -
Orphaned DTA Service instances Details -
Run-time configuration comparison Details -
Suspended instances - Details
Spool count Details
Throttling Details
Tracking Data count Details
Tracking for Default Pipelines Details -

Note: Some features needs to be enabled in the global Configuration and some detail pages may have additional Actions implemented

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