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Log File Parser Monitoring Agent

Get alerts based on content from your log files

Are you manually inspecting log files for content? Then you should let the Nodinite Log File Parser Monitoring Agent automate this process for you. Needless to say; Manually inspecting files is expensive, tedious and error prone. You can do much better with your valuable time.

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  • Monitoring Log Files - Perform many different checks based on content in log files. There is a plethora of options for monitoring log files and no changes are required to the existing solutions

Get automatic alerts Save time Save money
Easily provide alerts and self service for your business and other stakeholders Responsible users can swiftly manage and resolve problems thereby saving downtime Just 1 Nodinite license is required regardless of the number of log files being monitored

What can I do with the Log File Parser Monitoring Agent?

Monitor all your Log Files

You will only need 1 license and 1 instance of the Log File Parser Monitoring agent for monitoring any number of lof files on multiple servers. The agent has support for multiple folders using different access credentials.

Learn from mistakes

Nodinite makes statistics available through the Web API that can be further used with custom Power BI Reports. Learn and visualize or just get the KPI's of interest.

Make your organization aware of the problem

When Nodinite detects a problem with content in your log files an alert can be distributed using any of the built-in Alarm plugins to get you or the responsible organization aware and involved.

Delegate control and pay attention to reported problems with ease

With Nodinite you can perform some remote operations and manage evaluated state from monitoring of your log files. Simply delegate control using role based security and manage your Log File Parser configurations from the Web Client.

Stay secure

Nodinite has Role based security and enables you to restrict access down to individual log files using Monitor Views. We at Nodinite think it is wise to limit the number of power users (administrators) from having direct access to servers and services. All operations in Nodinite are being audited.

How do I know how many Log files I have?

Nodinite has a smart way to group your resources and either looking directly in the Web Client or you can customize and automate this further through the Web API and that data can be used within your Power BI Reports.

Grow together

Over time as the number of log files grow with additional applications and other services, Nodinite and the Agent automatically detects and monitors additional log files. There is no need to code or change anything within your logging applications.

Frequently asked questions

Common problems and FAQ for the Log File Parser Monitoring agent can be found in the Troubleshooting page.

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