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Uninstalling the Nodinite Non-Events Monitoring Agent

The Nodinite Non Events Monitoring Agent can be uninstalled running either the installer directly or by using 'Add or Remove Programs' in Windows.

You should remove the Monitoring Agents and applicable Resources in use within Monitor Views before uninstalling the agent.

If you uninstall the agent without removing the Monitoring Agents alerts with errors will be sent to users. Also, the Monitoring Agent Configuration will be listed as unavailable in the list of available Monitoring Agents

Example of uninstalled and therefore unavailable Monitoring Agents:
Generic example of unavailable Monitoring Agents

Uninstall guide

Follow the steps next to uninstall the Non Events Monitoring Agent.

Step 1: Add or Remove Programs

Use the Windows built-in feature to have installed programs removed.
Windows 'Add or remove programs' feature.


Step 2: Start the installer

Optionally you can double click on the MSI file to start the installation of the Nodinite Non Events Monitoring Agent.


Step 3: Welcome Screen

On successful execution of the MSI file or starting from 'Add or remove programs' a Welcome screen is presented.

Click on the 'Next' button to continue with the installation process or click on the 'Cancel' button to quit the installer.

Step 4: Change, Repair or Remove the installation

In the 'Change, Repair, Remove' dialogue click the 'Remove' button to uninstall the agent and proceed to the next step.

If the Service was not stopped before uninstalling a dialogue may appear. Click 'Ok' to close and continue.


If the Service was not stopped before uninstalling a dialogue may appear. Click 'Ok' to close and continue.


Step 5: Remove Program

Click the 'Remove' button to remove the agent and proceed to the next step.

Step 6: Completed setup

The last step of the un-installation gives either a success or a premature exit.
Successful un-installation example


Click on the Finish button to Exit and quit the installer.


A failed un-installation will render a premature exit.
PrematureExit Failed un-installation example


Contact our Support for additional guidance if you fail to resolve the installation problem.

Note: There may be additional information written to the Windows Event logs.

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