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Troubleshooting the Non-Events Monitoring Agent

If you have any issues that you can not solve, contact our Support or send us an email at support@nodinite.com

I'm getting many alerts even though there is nothing to be seen in the associated Log Views, What is wrong?

Remember that your Log Views must run fast when you test them (our recommendation is below 10 seconds). If you add many Non-Event configurations and they are all slow in performance you will drain the system with a huge load on Disk IO.

If the accumulated number of configurations yields to high load you will get into situations with time out, deadlocks and other strange symptoms.

  1. Optimize your Log Views so the run fast (<10 sec)
  2. Usually, you do not need to sync with the agent every 60 seconds. Use an acceptable higher value.

How do I add Non-Events queue managers to monitoring with Nodinite?

Adding an arbitrary number of Non-Events configurations for Nodinite to monitor, is a very simple and straightforward process and requires only proper access rights. Simply follow the steps detailed in the Configuration user guide.

You must be part of the Administrators role