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Send Ports Category

The Nodinite BizTalk Monitoring Agent monitors BizTalk Send Ports from all BizTalk Applications. New (and/or removed) Send Ports are automatically detected and managed by the monitoring agent.

  • Send Ports in BizTalk are listed within Nodinite as resources where the name is the send port name.

  • Nodinite has the same notion of an Application where there is a 1:1 mapping with its BizTalk Application

  • Send Ports are grouped by the Category Send Ports

Example of a Monitor View filtered by the 'Send Ports' category

All User operations within Nodinite are Log Audited which helps you with your security policies and corporate governance compliance policies

What are the key features for Monitoring BizTalk Server Send Ports?

  • Remote Actions - Support the execution of remote actions
  • State Evaluation - Monitors and evaluates the run-time state

What is evaluated for BizTalk Send Ports?

The different evaluated state for any Send Port is provided in the table below:

State Status Description Actions
Unavailable Resource not available Evaluation of the 'BizTalk Send Ports' is not possible either due to network or security-related problems Review prerequisites
Error Unenlisted An Unenlisted Send Port renders as state 'Error' Start
Warning Enlisted/Stopped Send port is enlisted/stopped and does not process (send) messages Start
OK Enabled and running Send port is operational and no other problems were detected Details

TIP: The evaluated state may be reconfigured using the Expected State functionality that exists on every Resource within Nodinite.


The following Remote Actions are available for the Send Port Category:

Send Port Actions Menu

  • Start - Start sending messages (also enlists the send port)
  • Stop - Stop sending messages
  • Enlist - Start subscribing for messages to send when started
  • Unenlist - Stop the port and stop subscribing
  • Tracking - Change Tracking Settings
  • Details - Displays detailed information

Filter Send Ports

The BizTalk Monitoring Agent has support to filter unwanted resources, see Configuration for details so they do not appear as monitored Resources at all.

TIP: Use the filter functionality to remove temporary send ports that should not be part of your business-critical monitoring with Nodinite

For information about subscription filters on send ports, please visit the Details user guide.

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