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Tracking action for Send Port

Find out how You can use the Web based Administration console (Web Client) of Nodinite to change tracking configuration for BizTalk Server Send Ports.

From Monitor Views where you are granted access and where BizTalk Send Ports are included and Remote Actions are allowed You can use the Nodinite Web Client to change Tracking for the selected BizTalk Send Port. To change Tracking for the Send Port, press the Action button menu item:

There is no need to use the BizTalk Server Administration Console (MMC) to perform this administrative task.

How do I change Tracking configuration for a Send Port?

To change Tracking on a BizTalk Server Send Port, press the Action button on the selected row:


Depending on the type of Send Port, different information element and options are available:

  • One-Way Send Ports
  • Solicit Response Send Ports

You can change tracking settings by checking/unchecking the checkboxes.

Do not forget to click on the Save button to persist changes

One-Way Send Ports

Both Static and Dynamic send ports can be managed.
Options for One-Way send port

Solicit Response Send Ports

Both Static and Dynamic send ports can be managed.
Options for Solicit-Response send port

Next Step

Start - Start sending messages (also enlists the send port)
Enlist - Start subscribing for messages to send when started
Unenlist - Stop the port and stop subscribing

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