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Start action for Send Port

Find out how You can use the Web based Administration console (Web Client) of Nodinite to Start BizTalk Server Send Ports.

Find out how to stop a started Send Port in the Stop BizTalk Server Send Port Action user guide.

A User has access to manage the BizTalk Send Port using Role based Monitor Views where Remote Actions are allowed.

How do I Start a BizTalk Send Port?

To Start a BizTalk Send Port, press the Action button menu item on the selected row in the list of BizTalk Server Send Ports:

The user will then be prompted with a question to continue the Start operation:

Then the result of the operation will be displayed for the User:
ActionStarted Successful start operation

The port may have incomplete configuration or other dependencies that prohibits the port to be started. Chances are high on failure from Nodinite that you can not start it from the BizTalk Server Administration MMC either

When the Send Ports is Started, it will be evaluated as being in the OK state:
ResourceStarted Example of how Nodinite displays started send ports in Monitor Views

Auto Healing

It is possible to have Nodinite issue the Start, Stop, Enlist or Unenlist command automatically for you, and this topic is further detailed in the Auto Healing user guide. This feature can be utilized to keep selected BizTalk Server Send Ports in the intended run-time state.

TIP: Using Auto Healing keeps your BizTalk environment in the intended state

After you have successfully started a BizTalk Server Send Port, you can later Stop it (so that it is no longer running and processing messages). For information about stopping a Send Port, see How to Stop a Send Port.

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