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Enable action for Receive Location

Find out how You can use the Web based Administration console (Web Client) of Nodinite to Enable BizTalk Server Receive Locations.

A User has access to manage the BizTalk Host Instance using Role based Monitor Views where Remote Actions are allowed.

An Enabled Receive Location can be Disabled. There is no need to use the BizTalk administration MMC to perform this administrative task.

Find out how to Disable an Enabled Receive Location in the Disable BizTalk Server Receive Location Action user guide.

How do I Enable a BizTalk Receive Location?

To Enable a disabled BizTalk Receive Location, press the Action button on the selected row:


The user will then be prompted with a question to continue the Enable operation:


Then the result of the operation will be displayed for the user:

If Enabled, the BizTalk Receive Location will be evaluated as being in the OK state: ResourceEnabled

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