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Disable action for Receive Location

Find out how You can use the Web based Administration console (Web Client) of Nodinite to Disable BizTalk Server Receive Locations.

A User has access to manage the BizTalk Server Receive Locations using Role based Monitor Views where Remote Actions are allowed.

A Disabled Receive Location can be Enabled. There is no need to use the BizTalk administration MMC to perform this administrative task.

How do I Disable a BizTalk Server Receive Location?

To Disable an enabled BizTalk Server Receive Location, press the Action button on the selected row:
Disable Action Button

The user will then be prompted with a question to continue the Disable operation:

Disable Action

Then the result of the operation will be displayed for the user:
Disabled Action

When the Receive Location is Disabled, Nodinite evaluates it as being in the Error state: Disabled Resource

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