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Check if the BizTalk Server environment is in the throttling state longer than the user-defined threshold

Throttling resources
Example of the Throttling resource as seen in a Monitor View

Category Name="Health Check"
Resource Name="Throttling"

What's being evaluated for 'Throttling'?

The evaluated state is provided by the table below:

Throttling is normal in BizTalk(!), Nodinite evaluates if the throttling state has been active for more than X minutes for example:

  • Message delivery throttling state
  • Message publishing throttling state

Read more about Host Throttling Performance Counters

State Status Description Actions
Unavailable Resource not available Evaluation of the 'BizTalk Host Throttling Performance Counters' is not possible either due to network or security-related problems Review prerequisites
Warning BizTalk is throttling Your BizTalk environment has been in the throttling state above configured threshold Details
OK BizTalk is not throttling BizTalk has enough CPU and memory to cope with the current load Details

TIP: The evaluated state may be reconfigured using the Expected State functionality that exists on every Resource within Nodinite.

What remote actions are available?

  • Details
  • Metrics chart



  • Details - Is a widget intended to be used on the Dashboard

Click on the Actions button and click on the Details menu item to view the Dashboard widget.

Metrics chart

Click on the Actions button and click on the Metrics chart menu item to manage the code behind for the Dashboard widget.


Changes to the thresholds, are performed from the global Configuration (for the instance of the Nodinite Microsoft BizTalk Server Monitoring Agent). Remote Config

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