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Run-time configuration comparison

Verifies that all your BizTalk nodes have the same set of Assemblies deployed, installed and that the configuration files are equal on all nodes

If there is an Assembly and/or configuration mismatch the health check Resource 'Run-time configuration comparison' will be evaluated as being in the Error state:
Assembly Mismatch

This feature can be Enabled/Disabled using the global Configuration for the BizTalk Agent

Category Name="Health Check"
Resource Name="Run-time configuration comparison"

The evaluated state is provided by the table below:

State Status Description Actions
Unavailable Resource not available Evaluation of the 'BizTalk Run-time Configuration Comparison' is not possible either due to network or security-related problems Review prerequisites
Error Mismatch detected Assemblies and/or configuration is mismatched Details
Warning Mismatch detected Different versions of Assemblies detected Details
OK Configuration is equal All BizTalk artifacts are the same Details

TIP: The evaluated state may be reconfigured using the Expected State functionality that exists on every Resource within Nodinite.

Assembly and configuration report

The report can be opened from Monitor Views where the 'Run-time configuration comparison' Resource is included and Remote Actions are allowed.

Simply click on the Action button to list the Remote Actions and then click on Details to open the report.

Detail menu item Click on 'Details' to open the report

If there is a mismatch between the servers (installed) and the database (deployed), this report will guide you on what files needs to be further examined. Also, the BizTalk configuration files are being compared (if that option is checked in the global Configuration)).


TIP: Use this report to remove assemblies no longer deployed (installed/in use) from your BizTalk environments

What's being evaluated?

Depending on Configuration the following evaluations are being performed and reported:

  • Overview of deployed and installed assemblies with evaluated state
  • Matches database (master) and GAC on all processing nodes
  • Matches files in installation folder folder for BizTalk (makes sure you are on the same SP/CU/Fix pack)
    • Matches BizTalk pipeline components folder
  • Matches config files for the BizTalk Host instances (btsntsvc.exe.config)
    • X86
    • X64

You can narrow the list down to only include what is currently reported in either warning or error state. Assembly Mismatch Filtered

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