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BizTalk Configuration Overview

Easily find out when artifacts were modified in your BizTalk group

BizTalk Configuration Overview resource
Example of the BizTalk Configuration Overview resource as seen in a Monitor View

Category Name="Health Check"
Resource Name="BizTalk Configuration Overview"

What's being evaluated for 'BizTalk Configuration Overview'?

The 'BizTalk Configuration Overview' resource of the BizTalk 'Health Check' Category has no thresholds and acts as a placeholder so you can access the report using the Actions button.

The evaluated state is provided by the table below:

State Status Description Actions
Unavailable Resource not available Evaluation of the 'BizTalk Health Check' is not possible either due to network or security-related problems Review prerequisites
OK Placeholder This resources is always OK and no thresholds exists Details

TIP: The evaluated state may be reconfigured using the Expected State functionality that exists on every Resource within Nodinite.

What remote actions are available?

  • Details
  • Metrics chart



  • Details - Is a modal with information about all your BizTalk Server artifacts sorted by changed datetime

Click on the Actions button and click on the Details menu item to view the details page. Details

Metrics chart

Metrics are currently not available for this resource: Metrics

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