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How do I grant my users access to logic apps monitoring?

In this section, you will learn how to configure Nodinite to use monitoring data from your logic apps and let responsible users gain access using a Monitor View

Note: This guide assumes you have already successfully managed to install the agent and that you have logic apps deployed within at least 1 Azure subscription

Example #1: Hello Logic Apps

This is a simple step by step guide on how to provide self-service for your users. This guide points to shared pages and is an illustration how to get you started, in a real-world scenario most names entered may need to be changed to reflect your reality.

Note: You must be assigned the Administrators Role to perform the steps below

Step 1: Create a Monitor View

First, follow the steps in the generic instructions on how to Add or manage Monitor View

  1. Create and Name the Monitor View
  2. Assign user rights
  3. Select the Monitoring Agent Configuration that corresponds to your Azure Logic Apps Logging and Monitoring agent
  4. Save the Monitor View (!)
  5. Click on the 'Show' button

Your logic Apps will eventually list as Resources in the Monitor View that you just created.
LogicAppsAsResources List of Logic Apps in a Monitor View

Note: If you deploy additional Logic Apps they will automatically be discovered and depending on your filters in the Monitor View added to the list

Step 2: Manage your Logic Apps

Learn further how to enable, disable and get details on the Managing Logic Apps page

Step 3: Propagate Alerts

Optionally you may want to push alerts outside Nodinite whenever there's a state change in one or more Logic Apps. Learn further how to distribute alerts on the 'Alarm Plugins' page.

How do I grant my users access to logic apps logging?

This is detailed in the [User access to logic apps logging][] guide

Next Step

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Add or manage a Monitoring Agent Configuration