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Nodinite LDAP Web API

Automate your LDAP related system integrations using an API-driven approach from virtually any System Integrations solution or custom code

Looking for implementing LDAP with Microsoft BizTalk Server? Check out the Nodinite BizTalk LDAP Adapter

Works with Active Directory, DIRX, ADAM/LDS and many other popular LDAP Catalogs
graph LR subgraph "Client Consumer" roClient(fal:fa-code Logic Apps/Mulesoft/WS02/Custom Code...) end subgraph "LDAP Environment" roClient --> roLDAP(fal:fa-cloud-upload LDAP Web API) roLDAP-->roLA(fal:fa-folder LDAP Catalog Service) end

Automate Save time Save your money
Move away from costly manual labour and build less error-prone system integration solutions instead Our LDAP operations were built by developers, for developers Most popular LDAP Operations are documented and has samples which means you get it right instantly

Combine the Nodinite LDAP products with Nodinite and you can have a documented solution with full monitoring and logging (traceability).

The Nodinite LDAP Web API is implemented using ASP.NET Core and can be hosted in your IIS locally or in your App Service Environment.

You can implement your code/logic to call the API using virtually all modern coding technologies:

  • Manual operations using Swagger
  • Custom Code (node.js, Java, c#, ...)
  • Logic Apps
  • BizTalk using the WCF based adapters OR using the Nodinite BizTalk LDAP Adapter
  • WS02
  • Mule ESB / Mulesoft Anypoint
  • IBM Integration Bus
  • ...

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Nodinite BizTalk LDAP Adapter