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Troubleshooting Install and Update

If you are reading this, make sure to review the Prerequisites first!

Nodinite has trace logging built-in. Logging is implemented using a rolling log file appender and the output is in JSON format. These logs are handy for troubleshooting various issues and our support will always ask for these.

Almost all Nodinite applications emit these wherever installed. If the Windows account used for running the application does not have change/write rights then these files can't be created.

If you are missing the diagnostic files review the How to set Logon as a Service right user guide

Diagnostic files
Example of the rolling diagnostic files

Most of the diagnostic files can be downloaded as a single ZIP, review the Add or manage Monitoring Agent - Diagnostics user guide for additional information.

What IIS Authentication settings do I need for the Install and Update Tool?

This is described in the IIS Authentication settings user guide

Contact our support

If you have any questions, or if you have any problem with the Install and Update Tool, please contact our support at support@nodinite.com.