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In the post-installation steps, you should fulfil the business requirements and perform the tasks you planned following the Nodinite Planning Guide.

Monitor Disk usage

The most severe incidents in our support are usually the result of systems running out of disk space. When the disks are full, Nodinite is not operational.

Make sure to monitor your disk usage. Nodinite has the following helpful Monitoring agents with disk usage related monitoring:

Backup your SQL Server

Make sure your IT-organization, among many other things, performs a regular backup of your Nodinite installation.

It will help if you use the Nodinite Database Monitoring Agent to ensure that backups of the databases are regular. Regardless of who is responsible, if the backups are failing or not created; In the end, if the IT-department fails to backup your environment and data gets lost, it will be your problem!

Create a Full Database Backup - Microsoft documentation

Hardening your IIS

Hardening the Web Client and other Core Services is something we documented on the How to perform hardening on your Nodinite installation page.

Stay up-to-date

We constantly develop new features and fine-tune the product with better performance; Make sure to stay up to date. As technology and platforms advances; We also add security-related features to help keep you safe.

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