Last updated: 2019-03-19

Installing and Configuring Nodinite Monitoring Agents

Monitors every link in your system integration chain!

Nodinite enables End to End Monitoring of your System Integration Solutions in the cloud and on-premise. Either from the use of any of the "out of the box ready to go" Monitoring Agents or from your own solutions based on your own code. Nodinite Monitoring Agents must be installed and configured. Details for each Monitoring is further explored individually.

With just on tool; Nodinite you get:

  • End to end Monitoring
  • Alerts
    • with Custom meta data from your active Knowledge base
  • Remote Actions - Fix your problems from anywhere on any device
    • Auto healing - Why work? Nodinite can as well issue stop/start commands to keep your business online
  • Statistics
Make sure to monitor every link in your system integration chain before your business finds out there's a problem
graph LR subgraph Host with Monitoring Agents roMonitorAgent(fal:fa-heart-rate Monitoring Agent) ro(fal:fa-lightbulb-on Resources to Monitor) roMonitorAgent --> ro end subgraph Nodinite Instance roMonitoringService(fal:fa-watch-fitness Monitoring Service) roMonitoringService --> roMonitorAgent end

Generic illustration for any type of resource being monitored by a product/service specific Monitoring Agent

The design goal here is to be able to Monitor any system or application and provide self service experience and reporting capabilities with relevant and up to date information to stakeholders. Fix the problems early means less costs for your business.

The list of out of the box Nodinite Monitoring Agents are further detailed in the Monitoring page.

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