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What is the Nodinite Update Service?

The Nodinite Update Service performs local installation of selected Core Services componentes (local server where it is installed)

The Nodinite Update Service is a Windows Service that installs and updates selected Nodinite Core Services from the Nodinite Install and Update tool (web user interface). The Nodinite Update Service runs with elevated privileges, namely local administrator to have the right to install Windows Services. Review the How to set Logon as a Service right user guide for additional information.

As Windows Service
The Nodinite Update Service is a Windows Service

Always make sure to run installations and updates of Nodinite using the latest version of the installer, review the release notes for more information

Release Notes

The Nodinite Install and Update tool han API. This API called to execute the requested install/update operations. The API has the following default address:


By default, this API uses Port 8000.

You should not change these default values. IF you do so, you must manually revert to the changes after an update, since the installer will reset these settings to the default

About multiple instances

In a distributed environment where different Nodinite Core Services are installed on different Windows servers, you must install the Nodinite Update Service locally on each of these servers.

You must always use the same version of the Nodinite Update Service on all Nodinite servers. The Nodinite Install and Update tool will refuse to perform update operations whenever different versions are detected


If you encounter any problems installing and/or updating Nodinite, the Nodinite Update Service writes detailed debug and diagnostic information to the rolling log files where being installed (default C:\Program Files\Nodinite\Nodinite Update\Update Service).

Please provide these files to our support, if you fail to solve the problem.

Diagnostic files
Example of the 6 rolling diagnostic files for the Nodinite Update Service

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Release Notes