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Add or manage Message Type

In this guide, you will learn how to configure Nodinite Message Types for use in self-service enabled Log Views.

Add a new Message Type, Edit or Delete an existing from the list in the overview.

A Message Type can be a member of a Service and Search Field Expressions after you have successfully created the Message Type. MT

Mandatory Fields

  • A Name is required to create the Message Type.

  • Days to keep Events - Determines how long events should be archived. When the event is purged, the message body and context will also be removed.

  • Days to keep messages - Determines how long messages and message context should be archived.

Days to Keep Messages and Days to Keep Events* means how long records are kept in the Log Databases.

If set to '0' (zero), Events and/or Messages will not be removed, data will be stored forever.

If too many Messages or Events are logged, searching for data may be significantly slower than with fewer data.

Tip Tune these settings according for your business needs. Do not save more data than needed.

Optional fields

  • Description: A user-friendly description.
  • Web Site: You can provide a quick link for users when working with and viewing the System. This quick link is usually a WIKI/Sharepoint site with additional documentation.

Custom Fields

As part of the Repository Model model, You can also add Custom Fields to provide additional documentation about your Message Type.


Services associated with the Message Type will be listed.

You can navigate further to the associated Service by clicking the provided quick link.

Search Field Expressions

Search Field Expression associated with the Message Type will be listed. You can Add or manage Search Field in the Log Administration.


You can navigate to the associated Search Fields by clicking the provided quick link.

Learn how to manage Search Field Expressions in the 'Configure Search Field Expression' user guide.

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