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Add or manage Custom Meta Data

In this guide, you will learn how to add or manage a Custom Meta Data.

Add or manage Custom Meta Data

Add a new Custom Meta Data field by clicking on the Add Endpoint button.

Click on the 'Add Custom Meta Data' button to open the edit page for Custom Meta Data

You can also Edit an existing Custom Meta Data field from the list in the overview

A Name is first required to create the new Custom Meta Data field.

Name, Description, and Website
Enter a unique name for the Custom Meta Data field

Mandatory Name Description
Name The user-friendly name
Description The user-friendly description
Web Site Link to external documentation or system

The Custom Meta Data field also has a Data Type and associated context with other entities in the Repository Model.

Once you have added entries to the Values list there are limitations on changes that can be performed on the

Custom Meta Data field (due to the simple fact that it is being used)

Data Type

The Data Type determines what type of content you can provide. As many other functions within Nodinite Custom Meta Data fields are plugin-based which means that you can further extend and expand Nodinite. The list of available Data Types is expected to grow over time.

Data Types
Select one of the data type plugins

All content and values come from the Values list. Before the list can be managed you must first select a Data Type.

Name Description
Text Field Single row text field
Text Area Multi row text field
Link Hyperlink
Select Dropdown combobox with single select items
Checkbox Provides a list of checkboxes
Table Table with user-defined columns
Attachment Placeholder for any files

Repository Types

To keep the Repository Model clean and user-friendly Custom Meta Data fields can be associated with the context where they are intended to make sense. Nodinite is context-aware and will provide this information where it makes the end-users more aware and as a result, your documentation has more meaning.

Repository link Description
Integrations Show Custom Meta Data on Integrations
Systems Show Custom Meta Data on Systems
Services Show Custom Meta Data on Services
Contracts Show Custom Meta Data on Contracts
Message Types Show Custom Meta Data on Message Types
Endpoints Show Custom Meta Data on End Points

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