Last updated: 2019-02-10


Actions are implemented on many of the Monitoring Agents and provide fast access to interact with monitored Resources. For example get details, start and stop services, view history and run things on demand.

Actions are available operations if allowed on a Resource in a Monitor View.

All executed actions are logged in the Audit Log.

Keeps business critical resources online Log Audited operations Generally available on all Resources
Easily provide self service access to your business and other stakeholders Responsible users can swiftly manage and resolve problems thereby saving downtime All monitored resources with Remote Actions can benefit from the auto healing feature


Monitoring Agent Scenario Executed Action Business case
Windows Service Windows Service has stopped Start Let the finance department have the ability to restart a single Windows Service without contacting the support or IT-department. This saves time and money for all parties.


For example, some of the available actions for BizTalk Resources:

Example 1: Suspended Messages (resumable) Example 2: Receive Location

Windows Services

Some of the available actions for Windows Server Monitoring Agent Resources:

Example 1: Scheduled Tasks Example 2: Services

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