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Endpoint Direction

Provides detailed information for Endpoints

EndPointDirection is a mandatory field (number) part of Log Events and qualifies the direction for the Endpoint being used and can be used to create Self Service Log Views for your business.

Nodinite includes a Repository Model where you can manage Endpoints among other system integration related artifacts. An Endpoint has a direction indicated by a constant value listed in the table next:

Repository Endpoint Directions
From the Repository Model you can manage Endpoints and filter on Direction

EndPointDirection Direction Note
0 Receive One-Way, for example receive file from folder
1 Send One-Way, for example send file to SFTP
10 Two way Receive
11 Two way Send
-2 None Please avoid this option
-1 Unknown Default if not set/found (Please avoid this option)

Note: Endpoint direction is mandatory and must ALWAYS be provided for Log Events

Try it out yourself

To see the full list of values for the version you are running, simply test the Log API.


Replace https://localhost/Nodinite as appropriate for your Environment.

EndPointDirection collection from the Swagger documentation

Simply press the Try it out button:
Try it out To get the list of EndPointDirection press the Try it out button

The press the Execute button:

Example of 'EndPointDirections' as rendered by the Swagger definition

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