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FAQ and Troubleshooting guide for Nodinite Configuration Database

How large is the configuration database?

The configuration database is typically very small (<100MB). You can safely shrink this database at any time especially if the transaction log has grown large.

What Recovery Model should I have

We recommend that you have the following settings for your Nodinite databases:

You can read further about this in the following 'Microsoft SQL Server Recovery Models' article

How many configuration databases are there?

There is just one and only one [Configuration Database][] per instance (environment) of Nodinite.

Are there any SQL Jobs?

Nodinite was designed not to rely/depend/use any SQL Jobs. All cleaning and heavily lifting is performed by our own processes for total control. There are no SQL Agent jobs (Yes you can use the free SQL Express with Nodinite!)

What is stored in the Log Database?

How do I update the configuration database?

Can I move the configuration Database to another SQL Instance?

Yes, but you must update the following configuration files: |Core Service|Configuration file|Restart required|Comment| |---|---|:---:|---| | Monitoring Service| Nodinite.Service.MonitoringServiceHost.exe.config|Yes|Change the connectionString content| | Logging Service|Nodinite.Service.LoggingServiceHost.exe.config|Yes|Change the connectionString content| | Web API|web.config|Automatic when saving web.config|Change the connectionString content| | Log API|web.config|Automatic when saving web.config|Change the connectionString content|

<add name="NodiniteConfigDatabase" connectionString="Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=NodiniteConfig_Dev;Integrated Security=SSPI" providerName="" />

Example connectionString within configuration file

Does the configuration database support high availability sql servers (Always on)?

This topic is detailed in the Always on user guide.

Contact our support

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