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AllowRepositoryAutomapping - System Parameter

The Repository Model can be populated directly from your Log Events when adding special Context Options. If this option is enabled, the Logging Service will perform additional work and process the Log Events according to provided Context Options. This pattern is recommended when you use integration brokers like MuleSoft Anypoint, IBM Sterling or you have the need and/or possibility to have absolute control over what's being logged.

Note: In order for Nodinite to honor Log Events with extra data you must enable this feature!

The system parameter AllowRepositoryAutomapping is used to globally set if Nodinite should should create entities in the Repository Model from Log Events.

System Parameter Name Data Type Values/Example Comment
AllowRepositoryAutomapping boolean true/false Default = false (Disabled), should be true (Enabled) when you use Mule or Log Events

This feature was introduced with Nodinite version

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How do I change the value?

Changing a value for any of the pre-defined System Parameters is described in the generic 'How do I change the System Parameters' article.

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