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How do I change the System Parameters?

This guide provides generic documentation for altering any and all of the Nodinite System Parameters. The System Parameters are stored in the Configuration Database. There is one Configuration Database per environment. You must use the Install and Update Tool to perform changes and to perform the steps in this guide.

You must be a registered administrator of the Install and Update Tool

Step 1: Select the Environment

To change a System Parameter, you must first select appropriate Environment to update settings for.

  1. Using the Install and Update Tool from the Instances view select (click) on instance in Environment to update:

Select instance to update First, select instance to update

Optionally, You can click on the Action button and immediately open the system parameter page described in the next step

Step 2: Open the System Parameter page

In this step, you will open the System Parameter page.

  1. Click on the System Parameters button to open the list of manageable System Parameters.

Select environment
Click on the button to load the System Parameters, do double check which Environment you are working with

Step 3: Select System Parameter

Select environment

  1. Click on a row in the name column of the System Parameter list to enter change mode described in the next step.

Step 4: Change value

The edit dialogue is where you change the value for the selected System Parameter.

  1. Enter the new value in the Value text box

  2. Make sure that the content is valid according to its Data Type

    • double must be a number
    • boolean must be set to either true or false
    • string Text string with valid values according to function
    • json JSON text string with valid values
  3. Click on the Save button to persist the value

Update Value
Example of changing the value for the ProductKey system parameter

NOTE Changed values for some System Parameters will not be honoured until services like the Logging Service and/or Nodinite Monitoring Service is restarted.

Frequently asked questions

Common problems and FAQ for the System Parameters not found on this page can be found in the troubleshooting page.

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