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3rd party libraries

Nodinite uses many Open Source and other 3rd party libraries with open source licensing. We at Nodinite are proponents of open source!
We provide templates and example code (SDK's) for:

Why do we prefer open source licensing?

We at Nodinite use open source libraries using open source based licensing forms because it promotes freedom and does not impose licensing limitations or demands on our or your custom code. We also contribute not only by using the libraries, but our ambition is also to contribute by actively helping to develop the stuff we use.

Why we NOT use pure GPL based software?

GPL is a “viral” license and must be avoided at all costs. This means that any derivative works (programs like Nodinite) must also be licensed under the GPL. Also, any work that you would later add like custom agents, plugins etc. would also have to be licensed under the GPL.

The Nodinite Java run-time monitoring is built with Java using the OpenJDK that in turn is using the GNU General Public License, version 2, with the Classpath Exception

You might want to read more about Oracle's Java 11 trap - Use OpenJDK instead!

List of open source libraries used by Nodinite

MIT License

Apache License

Microsoft Public License

BSD-3-Clause License

  • Swagger.Net - Used to add support for Swagger in WebAPI and LogAPI License
  • Polly - Used to add resilience and transient-fault-handling support for communications with remote API:s and is used in multiple agents License

PostgreSQL License (a liberal OSI-approved open source license)

GNU General Public License, version 2, with the Classpath Exception


Deprecated (Pre 5.0)

The following libraries have been used in older versions of Nodinite (<5.0)

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