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Add or manage Log Database(s)

In this section, you will learn how to configure Log Databases. When you add or remove a database from Nodinite the corresponding log database itself within SQL Server will not be touched in any way.

These administration pages are usually being used when you move a database from one SQL Server Instance to another or when you remove (Delete) a database.

This configuration reflects Nodinite knowledge on the whereabouts of the physical log databases.

This means that you can safely move a database from one SQL Instance to another, and then simply change its configuration accordingly. The same goes for rename operations.

Tip: Move old databases to your SQL Hotel where disc might be cheaper

Tip: Move old databases to better utilize hardware resources

Tip: Empty databases can safely be removed


A name for the Database is required.

If you create the databases ahead you must set the active intervals with Start Date and End Date.

The available fields exists for a Log Database:

  • Database
  • Server
  • Description
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Read Only

Add Log Database


A Database name is required to create the Log Database configuration.


Add a name of the Server. It should be 'localhost' if the log database is located on the same server as the configuration database, else the name corresponding to information for the linked server. Non-local log databases are accessed using linked servers.

Read Only

Checked whe the log database should be marked as read only. Nodinite will use this database only to search for data (No re-index, remove, or add operations will then be performed part of internal maintenance jobs)

Note: Read Only can only be changed if 'End date' has passed current date.

Remote Server

Check the box if the database is located on a remote server in relation with the configuration database. Remote Log Databases requires a linked server between the instance with the configuration database and the remote Log Database.

Start date and End date

The date and time used or will use to log data as well as the date and time stopped or stop when log new data. The top most database (online) is not allowed to have an end date.

Start Date


A Description can be used to give this configuration some user-friendly meaning.

  • Description is optional


An administrator can Delete records. Deleting a Log Database will prevent users from accessing the data from Nodinite. The online database cannot be deleted.

Note: The actual SQL database will not be deleted. You must delete it manually from within the SQL MMC SSMS.

Always On

If the Log Database is hosted on a SQL Server Always on availability group then you must enter:

  • The name of the cluster name and instance name
  • Check the Remote server checkbox
    Example settings for SQL Server Always on Availability group

You must also make sure the linked servers are setup using the cluster names in which case you need to read About Always On user guide first


How do I move a Nodinite Log Database?

Review the 'Moving Nodinite Databases' user guide.

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