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Edit Resource

Since Resources are automatically populated and synced from a Monitoring Agents the set of properties that can be changed is limited. You can alter and modify:

  • Web Site
  • Expected State

Edit Resource


A link to an external Web Site with additional information can be added. When set, the Resource is listed inside Monitor Views with an external link icon . Clicking on this link will open a new tab with the target URL (Web Site).

View Resource History

For as long as there are saved entries within the Log Databases the history for the Resource is available. viewhistory

Monitoring Agent Configuration

For information, The origin (Monitoring Agents) of the Resource is listed.


For information, The Application for the Resource is listed.


For information, The Category for the Resource is listed.

Expected State

You can override the evaluation of the current state by setting an Expected State for the Resource. For example, The SQL Monitoring Agent returns a SQL Job that is currently disabled. By design and normally this would render a Warning. By setting the Expected State for Warning to OK the alert is suppressed and displayed as being OK with the addition of a small coloured circle. The latter indicates "We hear you - but hey, there's something strange going on here". An example from a Monitor View for a Disabled Receive Location in BizTalk (compare first row with second row): expectedstateicon

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