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Monitor Views Overview

Get started now: How to Add or Manage Monitor View user guide

The Monitor Views Overview in the 'Monitor main Menu' is where a Nodinite Administrator manages Monitor Views.

Monitor Views are part of the Monitoring topic and is a key feature of Nodinite. There is a specific page for the Monitor Views topic. Make sure to read and understand the basic concepts before continuing.

In the Monitor Views Overview you will find a sortable list of defined Monitor Views to manage. A large list of Monitor Views can swiftly be narrowed down to target by typing characters into the filter text box.

Monitor Views
Monitor Views Overview with a list of filtered Monitor Views

Manage Monitor Views

The available functionality for managing Monitor Views are:

Add new Monitor View

To create a new Monitor View simply click on the "Add Monitor View" button to open the Monitor View editor.
Click on the Add button to add a new Monitor View

Clone - You can also open the menu from the "Actions" button and click on the "Duplicate" menu item.
Click 'Duplicate' menu item to clone an existing Monitor View

Edit Monitor View

To Edit an existing Monitor View simply click on the link in the Name column or open the menu from the "Actions" button and click on the "Edit" menu item.
Click 'Edit' menu item to edit an existing Monitor View

Delete Monitor View

To Delete an existing Monitor View open the menu from the "Actions" button and click on the "Delete" menu item.
Click 'Delete' menu item to Delete an existing Monitor View

Restore deleted Monitor View

To Restore a deleted Monitor View you must first check the "Show deleted Monitor Views" checkbox.

When checked, include deleted Monitor Views in the list*

Then open the menu from the "Actions" button and click on the "Restore" menu item.
Click 'Restore' menu item to Restore a deleted Monitor View


From the "Copy API URI" modal you get the underlying REST API call that was made against the Web API. Simply click the "Copy API URI" button to open the modal to get the query string.

Nodinite promotes the use of custom Reports

Frequently asked questions / Troubleshooting

You can create new, edit and delete Monitor Views using the Nodinite Web Client.

How do I create a new Monitor View?

Simply follow the "Add or Manage Monitor View" user guide.

How do I add new Articles to Resources for use in Monitor Views?

You need to be a Nodinite Administrator to manage Knowledgebase Articles.

Step 1: Select Resource

As a Nodinite Administrator using a [Monitor View][] with the Resource to add the Knowledgebase Article to.

  1. Simply click on the Action button for the selected and then from the button menu select menu item Articles

Example for button menu item "Articles" available on the Action button for the selected Resource

Step 2: Select scope

Next you need to define the scope for your Knowledgebase Article:

Remember the following facts apply:

NewAssociation Example association options for Resource without existing Knowledgebase Articles

  1. Click on the "Add Article" button to associate the Knowledgebase Article with appropriate collection, this action opens the next modal for editing the actual Knowledgebase Article

Step 3: Write content

Next you will add content for the Knowledgebase Article.

  1. Follow the Add or manage Article user guide.

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