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You must first have a Search Field either from the use

Manage Search Field Expressions

The available functionality for managing Search Fields are:

  • [Add new Search Field Expression][Add or manage Search Field]
  • [Edit][Add or manage Search Field] existing Search Field
  • [Delete][Show Deleted] Search Field

You can either Edit or Delete search field expressions.

Delete - Removes the Search Field Expression from the list

Edit - Loads the configuration for the selected Search field expression. When edit has been clicked, you will be able to test and update the configuration for the Search Field Expression.



The Expression is the statement the [Logging Service][] uses to extract values from the message body or context data on messages matching the [Message Type][Message Types].

Expression Type

Expression Type is the type of expression or plugin that extracts unique values.

Message Type

Messages (payload/context) of [Message Type][] to apply expression on.

Select the [Message Types][] that this Expression should be applied on.

![Message Type][3]

Clicking on the link of the [Message Types][Message Types] will open the corresponding message type from the [Repository Model][].

![Link To Message Type][6]

Global - Use expression on all Message Types.

Note: Use this feature only when you really have the need for it. All inbound messages will be processed, looking for a value to extract. This will add significant processing overhead to the Logging Service.

Optional - Optional does not generate flag the message with warnings when values could not be found/extracted.

Search Field Expression

![Search Field Expression][5]


When done, make sure to click 'Update' to save changes to the Search Field Expressions.

Note: If you just click 'Ok' changes will be lost!

When closing the dialogue you will be presented a modal to re-index selected [Message Type][].

Note: Make sure to keep the number of re-index operations to a minimum, since all data (note read only Nodinite Log databases) based on involved Message Types will be reprocessed by the Logging Service. A re-index operation cannot be aborted.

Processing State

There are three types of processing states which is expressed as a cogwheel with a green, yellow or red sign.

  1. OK - green, evaluation gave 1 or more results
  2. Warning - yellow, evaluation gave no result (failed to find data from provided expression)
  3. Error - Red, some error either in the expression or the [Logging Service][] is offline
1. OK 2. Warning 3. Error